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Hillman's Highway - Tuckerman's Neighbour

An alternative to Tuckerman Ravine...

Once at the AMC building you have the option to hike up to Tuckerman Ravine, or over to Hillman's.

Less prone to avalanches, Hillman's provides a fairly consistent pitch top to bottom with the steepest section at the top being around 40 degrees.

The hike up starts less than 5 minutes from the AMC building barely visible in the foreground. Base elevation is about 4,400 feet with a summit elevation of 5,400 feet.

Here's a shot looking down from mid way up Hillman's (photo taken near the end of May). Ho Jo's can be seen in the clearing just to the right of Hermit Lake. The tent platforms are located just above the lake.

The top of Hillman's meets the wide open plateau south of the summit of Mount Washington. It provides a nice view across to the far side of Tuckerman Ravine and the snowfields rising to the summit of Mount Washington. A nice traverse from the top across to the right of this photo brings you above the lip of Tuckerman Ravine. Most skiers choose to ski back down Hillman's from here. The snowfields above are more accessible by the Tuckerman route. This photo was taken at the end of May, at which time the snow coverage above Tuckerman is usually poor. Skiing up here is usually only available in late March and April.

Another lesser known (and less visited) area is the Gulf of Slides located much farther to the left of first photo on this page. Access is via the Gulf of Slides trail beginning from the trail head at Pinkham Notch. This area is somewhat like Tuckerman but apparently not as steep. Like Tuckerman, however, the Gulf of Slides is prone to avalanche.

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