Tuckerman Ravine - Photos May 17th, 1998

Time for Tuckerman

Photos from our trip to Tuckerman
Ravine May 16-17th, 1998. Great
weather but the snow was a bit on
the sparse side. El Nino strikes

Todays report, May 17, 1998.

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  • Dave McGrath, Orleans Ontario

    Photo: Dave McGrath   Date: May 17, 1998

    Near Death

    Dangerous at this time of the year? You bet! Seen here are members of the volunteer ski patrol and National Forest Services attending to Kevin Sullivan of Boston after Kevin fell and slid down the steep slope cartwheeling over 30 feet of rocks and shrubs. With slopes these steep there isn't much of a chance to stop yourself from sliding out of control and into some brutal rocks at the snow edge. By some miracle Kevin survived with only a head wound and multiple contusions. Be wary of the dangers! bring a helmet and spare body parts!

    Time for Tuckerman

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