Tuckerman Ravine - Report July 17th, 1997

Time for Tuckerman

Well our group wasn't actually skiing today. Instead we spend the weekend hiking above treeline in the Mt. Washington area, including a 'short' jaunt over to Tuckerman ravine via the summit to check out conditions.

During my descend from the summit to the top of the headwall I ran into a snowboarder who had spent the afternoon at Tucks. He had just managed a hair raising exit over the headwall to meet up with his ride from the summit at days end. He was one of only 3 who attempted the ravine that day. It was extemely difficult considering the snow level had moved up, and only the steepest area of the ravine below the headwall had snow. A second snowboarder decided it was too difficult to attempt that day due to the hazardous rocks at the bottom of the snowpack as well as the undermined snow.

The Tuckerman Ravine trail was closed at the headwall due to the snow and ice so I hiked across the Lion Heads trail to the north side of the ravine for a photo. From my view point I figure there was enough snow for about 9 quick turns... kind of glad I didn't bother with the skiis this trips.

For more information, listen to the latest official avalanche bulletin available from RSN.


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