T4T T-Shirts

Please Note! The T-Shirt Design is a Work in Progress and
Should Be Available For Use in Early June. Sorry for the Inconvience,
But Do Check it Out!

Design Your Own Customized T-Shirt !

You know it... I know it... everybody here knows it! You are obsessed with Tuckerman Ravine and just gotta have a Tee to tell the world!

We will prepare a high resolution image for you to print on your own Ink Jet printer using an iron-on transfer. This is a free service offered to all T4T members.

Now go ahead, pick out a design and check it out. Be sure to ask for a custom design if you have your own photo you'd like to use.

These designs will only be offered as downloadable versions. A popular design will be chosen to be printed on real T-shirts for the 2004 season.

Iron On Transfer Resources
· Print Your Own Iron-On Tansfers
· Using Your Pc and Iron-on Transfers



Pick Your Tee!

Climbing Up
Traversing the Headwall
Sax and Traverse
Watch It (Watching the Headwall from HoJos
Ride It
Eat It
Tube It
Lunch It
Redecorate It (Ravineroom Furniture)
Sax It (Saxman)
Duct Tape It (M@)
Strip It (Naked Guy 2003)
Hold It (SkiLasLeņas)
Sit On It (SkiLasLeņas)
Rule It (North Reading Jim)
Love It (Elwood and DrPhiddlePhos)

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