Virtual Tour of Tuckerman Ravine

- Darn! I've got blisters wearing these tennis shoes. I'm going shopping in North Conway instead!

Are We There Yet?

Here's Anne on the right, and our friend Diane smiling away. I think we're almost there! Anne is especially happy considering she will be a spectator and snickered at the thought of carrying all that equipment. She kind of blends in with those ski poles though, don't you think?

Let's check in on Anne.  

9:30AM: Finally we reach the AMC building at Hermit Lake, also known as HoJo's. This is our first glimpse of the ravine after the hike up through the forest. The AMC station is primarily used as an outpost for mountain rescue. Don't expect to find food here... but you might be able to buy a souvenir t-shirt believe it or not (they hike big boxes of them up... really!)

Time to rest, take in the first awesome views of the bowl, then check the weather and avalanche postings before the final ascent to Tuckerman bowl up on the right of this photo. This is a good place to dress up a bit as the temperature will get cooler. As an alternative, you might choose to ascend Hillman's Highway (new photos) located in the upper traverse, top left corner of this photo. Its not as steep as Tuckerman but still offers some challenging skiing. Good option should the avalanche hazard be higher in Tuckerman Ravine or just to get away from the crowd.

For those wishing to stay on the mountain overnight, contact the AMC at pinkham notch to reserve a spot at the tent platforms located about 5 minutes below Ho Jo's.

The hike up to the bowl is about another 40 minutes. The trail is quite rough along the way with a stretch which is a well graded scramble across large rocks.
Message Board Map of Ski Routes Avalanche Bulletin

Checking the avalanche postings on the side of the AMC shelter can be discouraging, but a necessary evil.

This photo was taken on my first trip to Tuckerman. The actual posting for the day of this photo story was probably low avalanche danger (If I remember well).

Click on the piece of paper on the right side of the sign to check for messages, or to leave one yourself.

Click on the photo behind the guy in the blue jacket to view a map of the various ski routes of Tuckerman Ravine

Click on the trail marking in the lower right of the board to check the current avalanche bulletin

- Nuff said, take me into the bowl please!

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