Virtual Tour of Tuckerman Ravine

- I prefer a chairlift myself... see ya!

Life in The Bowl...

Is it steep you ask? It's getting there! Not a good spot to wipe out. This girl enjoyed several minutes trying to figure out how to put her skis on, while staying glued to the steep pitch.

A good majority of die hards follow the herd up over the top of the bowl where it is much easier to prepare for your descend.

Just for fun lets ask this girl, How is it going?  

Tuckerman reveals it's real face in the summer. The ravine walls are actually quite vertical and climbing up in the summer is rather difficult. The Tuckerman Ravine trail does continue up on the right, providing the opportunity to ascend to the summit of Mount Washington.

Typically the snow in the ravine can exceed a depth of 50 ft in the deepest areas of the bowl during the winter months.

It's lunch time! Where else to park yourself but on lunch rock located at the bottom of the bowl. On a busy weekend there can be well over a hundred people here. It's pretty much a party atmosphere on the rocks, and the best spot to take in the action up on the ravine's walls.

Looking to the east from bottom of the bowl, you look straight across at Wildcat Mountain. You have to pay for a lift pass there however.

Some comments from Peter (160K wav).

- Well it's getting late, lets ski back down!

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