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It's Late! Let's Ski Back Down...

A final view, time to leave since its another hour to descend. A 30 minute hike back to the Hermit Lake hut, and if we're lucky a 30 minute descent on skis down the Sherburne ski trail (assuming its open). In mid April you can probably ski all the way down from Tuckerman to Pinkham Notch if conditions are good, or at least part way. Late in the season you have to hike ALL the way down from the floor of the ravine so be sure to plan for a 1 1/2 to 2 hour hike by foot in the later case.

Most people start leaving the ravine around 4:30 pm. Leaving later could mean hiking down in the dark.
The Sherburne trail essentially serves as the ski out from Hermit Lake to Pinkham. It's 10 to 50 feet wide and more suited to the intermediate or expert skiers.

Did I mention the snow gets marginal on the Sherburne trail? This trip we managed to descend about 3/4 of the way before we finally admitted defeat and tore off our skis. No time to doodle, you realize soon enough that time is limited (unless your equipped with a headlamp).

Oops!! No more snow.

Bye all! Thanks for coming. See you next spring!

For More Info:

Call the AMC Pinkham Notch camp for conditions, questions, book lodging at the Joe Dodge center, or reserve a spot at the Hermit Lake shelter, call 603-466-2727

Consult the AMC White Mountain Guide for more info on Tuckerman Ravine, Mount Washington and the rest of the White Mountains of NH.

A map is recommended before your ascent. They are available at the Pinkham Notch Camp, or at the back of the AMC White Mountain Guide. Our map includes what's important. You can check or leave messages on our Tuckerman Ravine Message Board.

Check out the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce for lodging, campgrounds and more.

Other Web Sites About Tuckerman and Mount Washington

Outside Magazine April 2001 has a great article written by Charles McGrath entitled Knocking Off Tuckerman Ravine.

Bartlett Backcountry Adventures offers backcountry skiing adventures and instruction in the White Mountains.

The Old Hutsmans Association has photos and list of hutsman who managed the tuckerman ravine shelter (HoJoe's) since it was first build in 1936. includes info and main photos of Tuckerman Ravine.

The January/February issue of Explore Magazine includes a great article entitled ""Tuckeman Tales". Its spring and time for the annual skiers' pilgrimage to New Hampshire's infamous Mt. Washington.

Check out "Forerunners of Skiing" in the spring issue of Freeskier Magazine for an excellent article (with photos) about Toni Matt's spectacular win of the Inferno race held at Tuckerman Ravine back in 1939.

The New England Ski Museum has several videos and books related to Mount Washington/Tuckerman Ravine.

Done skiing Tucks and ready to apres ski? Then don't forget to pick up some Tuckerman beer from the Tuckerman Brewing Company in North Conway.

Order the Mt. Washington Map and Guide.

Daily views of Tuckerman (sometimes) are available from a camera mounted up on Wildcat Mountain (via RSN). This site also includes weather forecast, avalanche conditions, report on the Sherburne ski trail and more. Check the previous weeks daily archives to get a better glimpse if today's view is poor.

The Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center also provides currrent conditions for Mt Washington.

You you would like to know more about Mt. Washington, the summit observatory or more about its famous weather, visit the Mount Washington Observatory.

Check out the lastest photos of Tuckerman Ravine at

For more information on the AMC, explore the Applachian Mountain Club site.

David Metsky at Dartmouth College hosts the White Mountains Info Server, which includes a Tuckerman Ravine Page. Info and several good photos here. Best source to learn more about Mount Washington. You can also find a topographical map of Mount Washington here.

Roger Rowlett's page on Mount Washington is another good source.

Visit the Tuckerman Ravine Picture Pages provided by Vance Wheelock for lots of photos taken in the ravine.

Jerry Monkman provides info on winter hiking in the White Mountains.

Bill Hutton's home page includes a photo taken of his crew in April of 1997.

Freelance photographer Terry Karkos provides the best photos of Tuckerman available on the web.

GoSki has a page on Tuckerman Ravine with info and comments submitted by visitors.

The Royalty Inn in Gorham is offering discounts to Tuckerman Skiers from April 1st to June 15th!

Professional photographer Chuck Theodore specializes in nature photography of the White Mountains. Included in his online collection are several photos of Mt. Washington and the surrounding mountains.

The Mt. Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol now has their own site, loaded with excellent info and tips to ensure that skiers receive up to date and accurate information regarding Tuckerman Ravine and avalanche safety.

Read about a winter ascent up Mt. Washington via the Tuckerman Ravine trail, photos included.

Accounts of Other Tuckerman Visits

Visit David Metsky's Tuckerman Trip Report for his detailed account and loads of photos taken April 26, 1997.

Brian Passikoff's Tuckerman Guide includes photos of his trip to Tuckerman and skiing Hillman Highway on May 24, 1997.

Kamien and Wright give another excellent and in-depth account of their experiences at Tuckerman, photos included.

John Lee's account How a Newbie Got to Telemarking Tuckerman's Ravine.

Tales of Tuckerman. Visitor submitted accounts here on The Consummate Guide to Skiing Tuckerman Ravine.

What if it's summer? What am I Going to Do?

Hike up and enjoy these awesome mountains! Stay tuned for our summer time page featuring other adventures in the White Mountains.

Spousal Alternatives

Send him/her off to shop in North Conway, famous for their factory outlets.

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