Pinkham Notch - Trail Head and Visitors Center el. 2,032 ft HoJo's - Rest on the Deck and Enjoy the Views, el. 3,900ft Lunch Rocks - Safest Place to Watch the Action. El. 4,500ft Little Headwall - Skiout From Tuckerman Ravine Hermit Lake Shelters - For the Diehard Winter Camper Hermit Lake - Small Lake Near the Shelters Tuckerman Ravine Hiking Trail Sherburne Ski Trail - Skiout from HoJo's to Pinkham Notch Ravine Floor. El. 4,500 ft Lower Snowfields - Just Above HoJo's Gulf of Slides Ski Area - Click for More Gulf of Slides Trail - Click for More North Conway is About 35 minutes south of Pinkham Notch Parking - Don't Forget Your Day Pass! Cutler River - Main Drainage for Tuckerman Ravine Meltwater Second Bridge - 3/4 of the Way! Switchbacks - Steeper Section of the Tuckerman Ravine Trail First Bridge at Crystal Cascades Dodges Drop - Click for More Hillmans Highway - 1,400 Vertical Feet! The Headwall - Top of Tuckerman Ravine at el. 5,100 ft Summit of Mount Washington. el 6,288 Ft - Home to the Highest Winds Ever Recorded at 231 mph The Snowfields. 1,200 ft of open vertical - Click for More Right Gulley - Click for More The Slice (Lobster Claw) - Click for More The Lip - Click for More The Icefall - Click for More Center Gully - Click for More The Chute - Click for More Left Gulley - Click For More
Trail and Area Map for Tuckerman Ravine and Pinkham Notch

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Tuckerman Ravine and the Gulf of Slides



Typical Hiking Time


Pink Notch (Base Camp on Route 16)

2,032 ft

2 hrs to Hermit Lake

Moderately easy trail to Hermit Lake and nearby HoJo's (caretaker's cabin and outpost); rocky well travelled path; passes by Crystal Cascade minutes from Pinkham then crosses the Cutler River, several switchbacks follow as the trail steepens then gradually levels out somewhat, crosses the Cutler River again at the 3/4 mark with first views of Lions Head and Tuckerman Ravine minutes later, on the homestretch to HoJ's there are fine views of Hillmans Highway, Hermit Lake Shelters appear on the right. Rest and take in the breathtaking views of Tuckerman Ravine and Hillmans Highway once you arrive on the Deck at HoJo's.

Hermit Lake Shelters

3,900 ft

2 min to HoJo's

A stone throw away from HoJo's and nearby toilets. There are 8 lean-toos and 3 tent platforms here for overnight hikers, skiers and climbers. To stay here you must first register at Pinkham Notch (inside the Visitors Centre, $8pp/night).


3,900 ft

45 minutes to the bowl

HoJo's is the caretakers cabin and outpost for Tuckerman Ravine, and is not a facility. They do however provide some basic supplies including snacks and t-shirts (at least on busy weekends in the springs). The Tuckerman Ravine trail ascenting to the floor of Tuckerman Ravine following the ridge above the Cutler river; mid section is a steep staircase of well placed rocks, use caution in the spring when this area gets very slippery; great views looking back to HoJo's and Wildcat to the East; fine views across to Hillmans Highway as well as the lower snowfields.

The Base of Tuckerman Ravine

4,500 ft

45 minutes to the bowl

Follows the ridge above the Cutler river; mid section is a steep staircase of well placed rocks, use caution in the spring when this area gets very slippery; great views looking back to HoJo's and Wildcat to the East; fine views across to Hillmans Highway as well as the lower snowfields; head for Lunch Rocks upon arriving in the base of the bowl to put on your ski boots, rest or just sit tight and watch the action. Note! Lunch Rocks is the safest area to be if you are resting or just in the ravine to watch. Avalanches and icefalls are ever present hazards in the bowl!

The Headwall

5,100 ft

1 hour to the Summit of Mount Washington from the top of the headwall

Follow a safe route, away from undermined snow, crevasses, or potental avalance routes and icefall. Consult with a ranger prior to ascending the ravine to determine your best options. Hike up the route you plan to ski so you will be aware of any hazards as well as keep within your comfort level.

Summit of Mt Washington

6,288 ft


Much easier and certainly less steep than the headwall; the summit area of Mount Washington is only skiable during March and early to mid April depending on snowfall. Climbing this high on Mount Washington should only be attempted by experienced skiers/hikers! This area is completely above treeline and totally exposured to the harsh conditions prevalent on Mt Washington.

Alternatively Skiing Hillmans Highway...

Base of Hillmans Highway

3,900 ft

2 minutes from HoJo's

Hillmans begins minutes south from HoJo's with easy access to the Lower Snowfields. Hillmans is often a chose when avalanche danger is higher in Tuckerman Ravine, or when ravine conditions are poor.

Top of Hillmans Highway

5,300 ft

1.5 hrs to the top of Hillmans Highway from HoJo's

Hillmans begins minutes south from HoJo's and ascents a fairly consistent traversing slope just north of Boott Spur. Approximate skiable vertical: 1,400 ft. Under favorable conditions, you can choose to head over to Tuckerman Ravine or on up the summit cone of Mount Washington.


Little Headwall

600 vertical

10 min to HoJo's from the ravine floor

Starts just below the ravine floor passing the Cutler River and on down to HoJo's. Note in late spring there is considerable hazard from undermined snow as meltwater from the Ravine flows out of the ravine down the Cutler River. There is also considerable scrub exposed in the springtime. By traversing to the south, you can access the lower snowfields as an alternative route to HoJo's. From HoJo's head on down the Sherburne Ski Trail arriving back at Pinkham Notch. Those staying at Hermit Lake can walk from HoJo's over to their camp nearby.

Sherburne Ski Trail

1,860 vertical

30 min to the base at Pinkham

Starts at HoJo's descending back to the base at Pinkham Notch. This trail follows closely to the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. The Sherburne is classed as advanced terrain as it is quite narrow much of the way, however it is not particulary steep. In the spring it can be well covered with moguls with the usual hazards of rocks and branches. Normally this trail is open top to bottom until early/mid April. Subsequently you can ski down to the snowline and then hike down the rest of the way by crossing back over to the neighbouring Tuckerman Ravine Trail. Do NOT ski or slide down the Tuckerman Ravine Trail!

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